A Fun Day Trip and A Special Day!

First, I want to tell you today is a special day! Yes, indeedy!

24 years ago today, my son, Ryan was born.


He has become such a handsome, hardworking young man. We are so proud of him. Happy Birthday Ryan!


Second, I wanted to tell you about a day trip I had with David yesterday. I don’t know how we have been able to sneak off and get this time to ourselves lately, but yesterday he had an unexpected day off and he has been dying to go here.


Lehman’s is located in Dalton,Ohio (part of Amish country). It was originally started to serve the Amish with supplies for their simple way of life. Now it has grown to be one of the largest stores of its kind in the country!

We found things like this:


and this:


And most of the day, my husband looked like this:


So serious!

We had a lot of fun there! The down side was most items are pretty pricey, so we made very few actual purchases.

We did a lot of driving around and looking at the beautiful Amish countryside.

We saw a lot of this:


But at the end of the day we had some good Amish home cooking at Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen and my hubby looked like this:


What a fun day for us. I am pretty sure we will be going back again soon to visit. There were so many other things to do!

How about you!

Have you ever been to Amish country?

What were some things you did or places you visited there?

Please, share in the comments.


Tire Gardening

You may wonder what tire gardening is…

Nope, we don’t grow tires!

We grow some of our vegetables and fruits in tires!


This appears to work very well for us with some of our garden plants!

My husband is a part-time truck driver and the company he works for has a large pile of used tires that they have to pay someone to haul away. Dave asked if he could have a few. This saves them from having to pay someone, so they let him take them for free! BONUS!

We began with just two tires for our ever-bearing strawberries. With these, David cut off the sidewalls and partially buried them in the ground. It was more like a border. This was easy to mow and weed-eat around but did not keep the rabbits from jumpin’ in for dinner! And the birds! And the deer! —yup we feed not only people here but all the local critters as well! Lol

Last year, Dave brought home around 10 tires from work! I wasn’t sure at first what he aimed to do with these, but he told me he was going to plant our zucchini and yellow squash in them. In the past, our garden would be a huge jungle of zucchini and yellow squash vines and there was no way I could harvest them all because I couldn’t get to them. I can understand why some gardeners like to hill these plant up. David does not like to do this because he prefers the rows when he tills.

Well, let me tell you! This worked out beautifully! I was able to keep up with all the zucchini and yellow squash last summer!

(I don’t know if you’ve ever raised either of these veggies yet, but this is how it works—-

Monday – not ready to pick;

Tuesday – READY!;

Wednesday – Sweet mother of Moses! What is that ginormous thing growing in our garden!)

So you see — you gotta pick ’em at just the right time.

This year, Dave brought home around 10 or 100 more tires!

Here is what we have so far this year:

2 Ever-bearing strawberries (these were the same two I mentioned earlier. We have had them for a while.)

3 with three tomato plants in each (see pic)

1 Rhubarb

3 with three cucumber plants in each.

2 with three zucchini in each

3 with three yellow squash in each

4 with June bearing strawberries

4 with various herbs

GRAND TOTAL: 22 tires!

It makes it easy to harvest, easy to mow around and it does deter the rabbits a bit if you leave the sidewalls intact.


How about you? Do you have any unique ways to garden?

Do you think you might try tire gardening?

Have you ever seen a ginormous zucchini or yellow squash in your garden?

Please, share in the comments.

5 Things I’m Loving This Week!

Hope your week was wonderful! Here are 5 things I am loving this week!


1. My daughter started her first job this week!

She is now officially a waitress at a locally owned restaurant. She has two days under her belt so far but, oh, how much she has learned already. So far the people she has worked with have been so patient and understanding. She has grown so much in the past two years (mostly out of necessity). We are so proud of all she has been able to accomplish!

My garden

2. Learnin’ about bloggin’!

I have learned a whole lot about blogging this past week! I started my blog, changed the appearance, started a facebook page and wrote a couple of posts with pics! Whew! I still have so far to go but I am excited about the journey and hope to give God all the glory for all I have been able to do so far.


3. This great deal at TSC!

I love a great deal where I can save money for my family. I wrote about this deal in my last post. Three heavy work shirts for $6.99 each! Great for Christmas gifts or Father’s Day gifts! :))

4. Rain, rain, rain!

We have been so dry the last several weeks that my hubby and I have had to water our gardens — a lot! He tells me to water in the evening until the ground puddles. Well, one day while I watered the garden it took two hours with the sprinkler on before there was any puddles at all. The ground really soaked it up!

This past week we have finally had some very generous showers! Some thanks to tropical storm Bill who brought buckets along with him. We have seen our garden really thrive with the rain and some plants have nearly doubled in size!

Family Pics 001

5. Time spent with my husband.

I know. I know. You are looking at the date on the picture and thinking… “Wow! That’s an old pic!” This was a picture my daughter took of us on vacation back in 2007, but it is one of my favorite pictures of us. My husband works very hard (two jobs + gardening and other general things that need done around the house), so it is rare for us to be able to sneak off and just have some time to ourselves. This past week we were able to pull that off a couple of times! Shock! Shock! And, oh, how unusual!

Yesterday, (on Father’s Day no less), he got up early, went to work, came home, ate supper and cleaned up the dishes for me! So sweet! But— not done yet! After visiting with family, we ran some errands in town (more alone time, Yay!) and he came home and worked on his truck so it would be ready for work the next day! I told you— very hard-working.

I am so blessed to have this man in my life and enjoy all of our time together.



How I saved money! A great Father’s Day Gift!

My husband, Dave, and I decided on a whim to go to town to grab a bite to eat. We strolled through the local farmer’s market. Then my hubby decided to drive over by one of his favorite stores — Tractor Supply.

The lady who works there is great! She knows her job! She greeted us and told us about this great deal on plaid winter shirts for $6.99!!!


Wow! These are normally almost $30 for one and we got all three for less than that!

The lady told us that TSC sent a bunch of these shirts to their store and said, “Get rid of them.” She also shared with us that these are Schmidt brand shirts and that was the name of the fellow who started TSC .

One will be a Father’s Day Gift, but the other two I am putting back for Christmas gifts! (I usually never have Christmas gifts this early!)

I think I will have to shop TSC more often!!!!!

Why Gardens Lilies and Grace?

You may wonder where I got the title for my blog and why I decided to start a blog in the first place.
Well, I have toyed with the blog idea many times – even started a blog over a year ago, put two or three posts on it, (never actually hit the publish button on any of them- by the way) and now can’t even remember the name of that blog! Lol
This time I wanted it to be different. I decided to try again and put a little more effort into it — and actually hit the publish button!
Where did I get my title for my blog?
Thinking about what types of things I would like to share on a blog gave me the title.
Gardens — My hubby and I love to garden. I have learned all my gardening skills from him. We grow all types of things from veggies to flowers to herbs. While I am not an expert on the matter, I believe I have some things to share here. The reason we garden is to save money. Oh, yes, I am a couponer. Is that an actual word? I have several tips on saving money and/or spending less.
Lilies — There is a verse: Matthew 6:13. “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin,” Oh, how I worry. This is a stronghold in my life I am constantly working to overcome. My mom says it is inherited. My grandmother would wring her hands in worry. My mother is a worrier, and I am carrying on the family heritage. I would worry about anything. If there is generally nothing to worry about, I will just create something. It is only God’s grace that can help my overcome my worrying.

Grace — That’s always at the end isn’t it? Grace. We mess up. Daily. Hourly. A lot! And there it always is waiting for us. God’s wonderful grace. That is where we can truly find our peace.