About me

Hello! I am so glad you stopped by.


My name is Ann. I am a pretty plain and simple gal – as my name states.  I always thought you can’t have a more simple name that — Ann.


I am married to my best friend, David.


We have been married since 2004 and together we are an unstoppable team! Go Rameys!

I love my family! Together, we have 5 children (all adults, —can that be right? I can’t believe I just typed that, but, yup that’s true) lol and 6 grand-babies. We have some fun at our house! Always ready with advice, David will never, never, never stop teaching any of them no matter how old they are. Yup, I love my family!

We also have two dogs and 10 chickens! Hooray for fresh eggs!

100_2886 No dog has more personality than that dog right there.

I enjoy working with my husband out in our gardens. He is the on the fruit and vegetable side of it and I like to work in my flower beds. But we help each other with all parts of it.

100_6215  Green beans!        100_2436 and Sunflowers!



I was drawn to go to church and learned about Jesus at a young age, but I never got the whole thing just right. You see, I was always trying to be a “good girl.” If I wasn’t good, I felt like a failure. That summed up to the fact that I felt like a failure — a lot! So, I would give up on the whole thing and turn away from God. But don’t you know that great, awesome, merciful God kept calling me back. Nothing, not even my stubborn, wrong thinking ever separated me from God’s love. While I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, God loves me anyway and gives me grace upon grace. I am at a point in my life now where I realize God loves me just as I am and He will be molding and shaping this ol’ piece of clay for the rest of my life into something beautiful. It is my greatest desire to know my God more and more each day.



Time of Day: Mornings (It’s still quiet at our house in the morning, so Dave and I use that time to pray and read devotions together).

Color: Blue (If it was up to me I would live in a blue house, drive a blue car, all of my interior walls would be blue and my only color of eyeshadow or nail polish would be…. oh, wait a minute, I don’t really wear much make-up but you get the idea— I really love that color!

Season: Fall

Couponing: No, I am not an extremer… Yet! Gotta love a good deal though!

Day of the Week: Sunday (David and I are both off from work)

Television Show: Antique Road Show (Is that lame? I really just don’t watch much TV these days.)

Place: Right now it is on my front porch in my swing while it is lightly raining. (Pretty specific).


Won’t you sit with me a spell and I hope you enjoy your visit.


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