I love this study!

One of my favorite websites I look on almost every day is Money Saving Mom. She has several posts every day of deals or good buys and much more.

One of the things I look for are free e-books available for download. She posts these often, and sometimes they are only free for a short time so one must hurry to check!

In the beginning, I was downloading every book that sounded good, but now I have begun to be a little more choosy about what books I load onto my tablet. I have lots of books on there that I haven’t even looked at yet! There is one though that I am thankful I have been reading.

Last summer I loaded He Is My All: Living in the Truth of God’s Love for Me (Design4Living) by Debbie Alsdorf.

I got about halfway through it, loved it, but began some other books and it kind of got buried under my stack. (I am so bad to begin projects and not finish). Recently, I came across my journal where I had begun this study, I started flipping through the pages of what I had written last summer, and had to get into it again. I want to finish this project!

This has been an awesome women’s Bible study about God’s love for us and who we are – children of God! It has been a great way to start my mornings. I would highly recommend this for any woman. While it is no longer free, it would still be worth the purchase.

If I see any more books by this author, I will definitely be purchasing them.


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