5 Things I’m Loving This Week!

Hope your week was wonderful! Here are 5 things I am loving this week!


1. My daughter started her first job this week!

She is now officially a waitress at a locally owned restaurant. She has two days under her belt so far but, oh, how much she has learned already. So far the people she has worked with have been so patient and understanding. She has grown so much in the past two years (mostly out of necessity). We are so proud of all she has been able to accomplish!

My garden

2. Learnin’ about bloggin’!

I have learned a whole lot about blogging this past week! I started my blog, changed the appearance, started a facebook page and wrote a couple of posts with pics! Whew! I still have so far to go but I am excited about the journey and hope to give God all the glory for all I have been able to do so far.


3. This great deal at TSC!

I love a great deal where I can save money for my family. I wrote about this deal in my last post. Three heavy work shirts for $6.99 each! Great for Christmas gifts or Father’s Day gifts! :))

4. Rain, rain, rain!

We have been so dry the last several weeks that my hubby and I have had to water our gardens — a lot! He tells me to water in the evening until the ground puddles. Well, one day while I watered the garden it took two hours with the sprinkler on before there was any puddles at all. The ground really soaked it up!

This past week we have finally had some very generous showers! Some thanks to tropical storm Bill who brought buckets along with him. We have seen our garden really thrive with the rain and some plants have nearly doubled in size!

Family Pics 001

5. Time spent with my husband.

I know. I know. You are looking at the date on the picture and thinking… “Wow! That’s an old pic!” This was a picture my daughter took of us on vacation back in 2007, but it is one of my favorite pictures of us. My husband works very hard (two jobs + gardening and other general things that need done around the house), so it is rare for us to be able to sneak off and just have some time to ourselves. This past week we were able to pull that off a couple of times! Shock! Shock! And, oh, how unusual!

Yesterday, (on Father’s Day no less), he got up early, went to work, came home, ate supper and cleaned up the dishes for me! So sweet! But— not done yet! After visiting with family, we ran some errands in town (more alone time, Yay!) and he came home and worked on his truck so it would be ready for work the next day! I told you— very hard-working.

I am so blessed to have this man in my life and enjoy all of our time together.




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